• DAY 1
    10 March
  • DAY 2
    11 March
1200 - 1230 hrs IST
Exploring Synergies between India & Israel in the Age of Digital Disruption
In addition to Israel's growing importance as a technology innovator and exporter, India's start-up ecosystem has grown like never before, with VC firms investing 17.2 billion US dollars in 2021 alone. Coming together of both the nations on common synergies makes for a progressive digital and tech revolution

Professor K. Vijay Raghavan    
Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India
Mr. Saket Agarwal    
Founder & CEO, Onnivation
Mr. Salil Singhal    
Chairman Emeritus, PI Industries
H.E. Naor Gilon    
Ambassador of Israel to India
1300 - 1400 hrs IST
Agriculture 4.0: Digital Disruption in Agribusiness
This panel discusses the maturing and thriving innovation ecosystem in agritech. How, being digital is giving organizations the power to unearth and analyze unprecedented volumes of agri big data. Is digitization of the entire process, from production and harvest to warehousing and distribution, strengthening communications between the various stakeholders in the agro-ecosystem and adding value, and much more

Mr. Israel Talpaz    
Co-Founder & CEO, SeeTree
Mr. Rohtash Mal    
Chairman & MD EM3 Agriservices
Mr. Balaya Moharana    
Head of Technology, DeHaat
Dr. Subrat Panda   
CTO, Agnext Technologies
Mr. Subhadeep Sanyal        
Partner, Omnivore Ventures (Moderator)
1445 -1545 hrs IST
Leapfrogging from Traditional Analytics to Modern Data Apps
More and more companies are evolving beyond traditional analytics and into the realms of modern data apps, delivered as complete experiences to end users both internally and externally. The rise of modern data apps comes from the explosion of data volume and variety, combined with the leap in data technologies in the cloud. The availability of more data, combined with the available tech to analyze it, presents companies with whole new data-first business models. In this session we’ll explore real-world examples of modern data apps, and how technological advancements enabling sub-second and high concurrency analytics are making them possible.

Mr. Boaz Farkash    
CPO, Firebolt
Ms. Kaveri Das    
VP Growth & Strategy, Onnivation (Moderator)
1445 -1545 hrs IST
The Strategic Investor you never had – Session between India Israel VCs
In this panel, we discuss the importance of vision alignment between investors and companies. In addition to capital, companies today seek strategic investments and partnerships, where investors are involved to propel them forward. A question that is increasingly being asked is, "What are you bringing to the table beyond the capital?"

Mr. Judah Taub    
Managing Partner, Hetz Ventures
Mr. Ravinder Pal Singh    
Partner, Kalaari Capital
Mr. Naman Jhawar    
SVP, Mobile Premier League
Mr. Roy Gottlieb    
General Partner, Cardumen Capital
Mr. Saket Agarwal    
Founder & CEO, Onnivation (Moderator)
1600 - 1730 hrs IST
Build v/s Buy: Addressing the conundrum to make the right decision
The build vs. buy decisions aren’t easy as flipping of a coin. In this panel we will have the leaders discuss the pros and cons of building internally vs buying third party products

Mr. Jeyandran Venugopal    
Group CTO, Flipkart
Mr. Tarun Katial    
Founder & CEO, EVE World (Former CEO Zee5)
Ms. Manisha Raisinghani    
Co-Founder & CTO, LogiNext
Mr. Itamar Ben Hemo    
CEO & Co-Founder, Rivery
Mr. Navdeep Manaktala    
Co-Founder, Snowbit & President, APAC, Coralogix
Mr. Jayesh Sidhwani    
Head of Growth Engineering, Disney + Hotstar (Moderator)
1745 - 1915 hrs IST
Optimization: Staying agile, cost effective while delivering seamless customer experience
This panel discusses how machine learning and automation can exactly meet application needs using most efficient instances with pricing models that help optimize costs

Dr. Shankar Venugopal    
Vice President Innovation, Mahindra and Mahindra
Ms. Shruti Kashyap    
CIO, Hindustan Unilever
Mr. Abhishek Ravi    
CIO, Dream11
Mr. Abhinav Gupta    
Vice President – Engineering, Meesho
Mr. Harshal Vora    
Sr. Engineering Manager, Sharechat
Mr. Gaurav Mishra    
Country Business Manager- Cloud, Intel India
Mr. Asaf Ezra    
Co-Founder & CEO, Granulate
Mr. Tariq Wali    
CTO, Chingari
Mr. Amiram Shachar    
Co-Founder, Vice President & General Manager, Spot by NetApp (Moderator)
1930 - 2030 hrs IST
Web3.0 - Our Data Redefined
In this session, we want to explore how Web3's promise of decentralization will place the ownership of data entirely into the hands of the end-user. How will this impact modern companies that place invaluable importance on user data to make business decisions?

Mr. Uriel Peled    
Co-Founder & Head of BD Revault Network
Mr. Edul Patel    
Co-Founder & CEO, Mudrex
Mr. Kevin Baxpehler    
Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures
Mr. Arjun Kalsy    
VP Growth, Polygon
Mr. Nitin Sharma    
General Partner, Antler (Moderator)
1300 - 1400 hrs IST
Leveraging AI To Deliver Smart Promotions that Drive Conversions
Over the last few years, both the global and Indian D2C landscapes have become fiercely competitive and acquisition costs are on the rise. How can eCommerce brands rise to this challenge and ensure positive ROI? Learn how you can leverage the power of machine learning and AI to deliver personalized promotions based on shopper intent that increase conversions and profitability.

Mr. Ohad Greenshpan    
Co-Founder & CTO, Namogoo
Mr. Saurabh Bhandari    
Vice President D2C & New Initiatives, boAt
Mr. Raj Madiwale    
Cloud Cost Optimization & MarTech Lead, Onnivation (Moderator)
1445 - 1545 hrs IST
Road to Enterprise Observability: The Benefits and importance of immediate insights
As organizations migrate to the cloud, they relinquish direct access to their servers and associated data such as logs and metrics. The ability to access this data is fundamental to observability. Learn how you can achieve optimization from ML powered centralized logging.

Mr. Ariel Assaraf    
CEO, Coralogix - A Streaming Observability Platform, Israel
Mr. Eeshaan Satwalekar    
Data & Observability Lead, Onnivation (Moderator)
1445 - 1545 hrs IST
How to crack the GTM for any SAAS product in the US market
The panel comprised of top start-up experts and investors will discuss the best practices to build a superb go-to-market strategy for the US Market. The panel will be discussing the different elements - from positioning to marketing, sales, and more - that are integral for achieving success with your product.

Mr. Srikrishnan Ganesan    
Co-Founder, RocketLane
Mr. Udi Tizan    
Chief Growth Officer, Granulate
Mr. Krish Subramanian    
Co-Founder & CEO, Chargebee
Mr. Adi Gelvan    
Co-Founder & CEO, Speedb
Mr. Abhinav Gupta    
VP Sales ASEAN, Onnivation (Moderator)
1600 - 1730 hrs IST
Power to the people: Fintech Revolution
Innovation has empowered people in communications, transportation, healthcare, and more sectors, now it's the turn of the finance sector. Leaders of cutting-edge fintech companies explain how they’re providing individuals with unprecedented tools for managing money, managing risk, and even buying insurance

Mr. Yashish Dahiya    
Founder & Group CEO, Policybazaar
Mr. Oded Zehavi    
Co-Founder & CEO, Mesh Payments - Israel
Mr. Anand Prabhudesai    
Co-Founder, Turtlemint
Mr. Prabhtej Singh Bhatia    
Founder, Falcon FS
Mr. Venkat Varadarajan    
Head, Cloud and Digital Natives, Intel India
Mr. Gaurav Samdaria    
Co-Founder & CBO, Karza Technologies (Moderator)
1745 - 1915 hrs IST
Acquihire: The fastest way to scale tech
With the increasing demand-supply gap for tech talent, Acquihire is fast becoming an effective talent acquisition strategy that helps companies get access to top-notch talent and expand their tech capabilities. An efficient inorganic way to acquire niche talent or overcome a market gap.

Mr. Ramneek Khurana    
Co-Founder, Product, Technology & Revenue, Lenskart
Mr. Eran Bielksi    
Partner, Entrée Capital - Israel
Mr. Manohar Charan    
CFO, Sharechat
Mr. Tal Yatsiv    
Partner, Pico Venture Partners - Israel
Mr. Saket Agarwal    
Founder & CEO, Onnivation (Moderator)